Monday, 27 June 2016

Are You Eating as Healthily As You Think You Are?

We all like to think that we're eating healthily. However, many people start a new diet and wonder why they don't feel any healthier. They don't lose weight or put on muscle like they wanted. The truth is that many of us have a tendency to think we're eating more healthily than we really are. Sometimes it's due to misinformation and not understanding what is and isn't good for us. But sometimes it's just because we don't realize what our eating habits look like. For example, you might think you only have the occasional soda. But if you add up the sodas you have in a week or a month, you might discover you're drinking more than you thought. Use this guide to make sure you're really eating healthily.

Control Your Portions

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they eat too much food. They think they've chosen healthy ingredients, so they can have as much as they want. For
Are You Eating as Healthily As You Think You Are?


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