Saturday, 14 May 2016

Simple Ways to Control High Blood Sugar

High blood glucose is diagnosed by several blood tests such as Random Blood Glucose Test, Fasting (Pre Prandial) Blood Glucose Test, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and Glycohaemoglobin A1c Test. Hyperglycemia for people with diabetes is treated with the help of insulin. If it occurs due to some reason other than diabetes, the underlying cause for elevated blood sugar needs to be addressed. Make sure you drink enough water, about 8 glasses a day.

If you have high blood sugar, ask yourself what may have caused it to peak and take corrective action. If it stays high for many days, get in touch with your healthcare professional, he may prescribe a different medication or a change in insulin dosage. The doctor may ask you to change your diet or increase the amount of physical activity that you may require. Also drink sugar-free and caffeine-free liquids to prevent blood sugar levels from
Simple Ways to Control High Blood Sugar


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