Friday, 27 May 2016

African Mango For Weight Loss

A question for those trying to lose weight: have you ever tried to replace your breakfast, lunch or even dinner with a tasty exotic fruit salad? And if so, did you enjoy mixing mango into that salad? What if there is a new and better way to lose weight using mango? And in order to lose weight using mango, you don’t actually eat the tasty fruit, but its nut! And not the nut itself, but the extract of the nut, in the form of mango extract pills?

Advertising aside, there is serious scientific research, with promising results, that the extract of the African mango nut (the scientific Latin name of the marvelous plant is Irvingia gabonensis, if you want to impress your friends) has the ability to help with weight loss, basically due to its power to control the hormones which trigger the hunger and satiety sensations in your body.

In other words, African mango extract has allegedly b
African Mango For Weight Loss


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