Tuesday, 8 March 2016

No Need to Live with Regrets

We have all heard stories about people getting tattoos on the spur of the moment maybe because they were on a night out with friends with a little too much to drink or maybe it seemed like a cool thing to do at the time, and then regretting it down the track. Or maybe the tattoo meant something special to them at the time, like the connection to a lover or gang. Then there is a falling out with that lover or gang and they start to regret getting that tattoo in the first place. Or maybe their tattoos are preventing them from getting a job or maybe they simply don’t like their tattoos anymore. So then comes the decision to remove the tattoos. There are several methods of tattoo removals available (e.g. creams or lotions and laser tattoo removal.) Creams and lotions are not as effective as laser tattoo removal because they are not strong enough to penetrate the second layer of the skin, w
No Need to Live with Regrets


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