Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How To Get Healthy Before 9AM

Do you want to get healthy before you answer your first email of the day? Here is a schedule you could try out in the mornings. It consists of a good night’s sleep, a healthy drink, a good old stretch and a thirty-minute run. You’ll be done by 9 am and can get on with your day full of energy and smugness!

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By 6:30 am

Have had a good night’s sleep

Did you know, not getting enough sleep can actually make you gain weight? An American professor has said; ‘If we can incorporate healthy sleep into weight loss and weight maintenance programmes our findings suggest it may assist people to obtain a healthier weight.’ If you didn’t have a good enough excuse for getting your 8 hours a night, you do now!

Not forgetting the fact that sleeping well gives you more energy for the next day. With this energy, you’re far more inclined to have a healthier day. This might i
How To Get Healthy Before 9AM


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